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19. 4. 2024

New ISO/IEC 42001 – Information Technology – Artificial Intelligence – Management System

  • AI
  • AIMS
  • ISO 42001

At the end of 2023, a brand new standard, ISO/IEC 42001:2023 Information Technology – Artificial Intelligence – Management System, was released that specifies requirements and provides recommendations for the creation, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of an artificial intelligence management system (AIMS). The standard is applicable to any organisation that provides or uses products or services…

13. 7. 2023

New ISO/IEC 27032:2023 Cybersecurity – Guidelines for Internet security has been released

  • Cybersecurity
  • ISMS
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 27002
  • ISO 27032
  • ISO 27701

ISO/IEC 27032:2023 Cybersecurity – Guidelines for Internet security was released in June, replacing ISO/IEC 27032:2012 Information technology – Security techniques – Guidelines for cybersecurity. The Internet is a global network that organisations use for all communications. As some actors target their attacks on these networks, addressing the relevant security risks is very important. This standard focuses…

7. 3. 2023

More influence with a smaller footprint: How does ISO 26000 help organisations strengthen social and environmental responsibility?

  • ESG
  • GRC
  • ISO 26000

The relationship between organisations and the world around them is becoming increasingly important as public pressure on organisations to behave responsibly and comply with corporate social responsibility standards has increased significantly. Organisations around the world should take the necessary measures. ISO 26000 provides a framework for organisations to identify and address the social and environmental impacts…

29. 5. 2022

Gap analysis of the management system and controls

  • Analysis
  • GAP
  • MS

Organisations implement management systems and relevant controls in accordance with international ISO standards or specific legal or regulatory requirements. Gap analysis is used to identify the current state and to determine the activities needed to move to the desired end state. The benchmark is based on relevant statutory, regulatory or normative requirements and recommendations. The…

18. 4. 2022

Assessing the level of organisational governance

  • Governance
  • GRC
  • ISO 37000
  • ISO 37004

The need for effective corporate governance is becoming increasingly important. All stakeholders expect organisations that directly affect their lives to be well governed, beyond mere financial indicators. The governing body is responsible for establishing and maintaining the governance framework of the organisation to achieve effective performance, responsible management, ethical behaviour. Conditions, principles and aspects of…