Issues Management

What is Issues Management?

Correcting problems quickly and decisively is essential to mitigate risks and get the organisation back on track.

Issues Management is an application that acts as a central control hub, enabling governance, risk management and compliance teams to coordinate remediation efforts in real-time seamlessly.

How It Works

The Issue Management Application collects data from various audits, assessments and incident reports within the organisation to create a central database. This allows you to evaluate the impact of emerging issues in real-time. This allows you and your team to decide on the necessary corrective actions based on risk information.

With this application, you can lead your business teams to effective remediation by assigning, coordinating and managing the responsibility of remediation planning with internal stakeholders and third parties. The app is designed to accelerate problem resolution and protect your organisation from the threat of non-compliance and other business risks.

Why You Need It

  • Consolidate all audit, assessment and incident data into one place for a more comprehensive view of issues across the organisation.
  • Create well-informed, data-driven remediation and resolution plans and coordinate their implementation with relevant groups.
  • Access to customisable, pre-built workflows to help you identify, register and mediate issues that impact your organisation.

Are you interested?

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