Policy and Procedure Management

What is Policy and Procedure Management?

Compliance with policies and procedures is a challenge for both employees and employers. The key to compliance is clarity. Any rules and disparate documentation scattered across the organisation is an added complication for your employees. Disorganised policies and procedures can slow the response to correct violations.

A policy and procedure management application will ensure your success. It’s designed to construct and automate policy and procedure management and make it clear and easily accessible across the organisation.

How It Works

The Policy and Procedure Management Application allows you to configure and automate policy and procedure management so that everyone in your organisation has easy access to the information they need. It keeps your organisation’s policies, procedures and related documentation up-to-date with reminders, revisions and review tools.

The app helps inform every employee where to find the latest versions of policies, procedures and documented actions. This is the best step to ensure your team is safe from the negative impacts of non-compliance..

Why You Need It

  • Improve policy governance by streamlining, automating and linking relevant policies and procedures.
  • Ensure availability and transparency of employees’ policies to comply with relevant requirements.
  • Make customisable, pre-built workflows available for policy requests, procedures, and documentation revisions.

Are you interested?

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