Vulnerability Management

What is Vulnerability Management?

Vulnerability management is a complex process that consists of identifying, assessing, managing and reporting identified vulnerabilities and potential sources of threats. It is central for organisations to prioritise potential risks and minimise their impact. A comprehensive view of the attack surface through visualisation and prioritisation of technology vulnerabilities helps transform data into meaningful information and make informed decisions. 

How It Works

The Vulnerability Management Application enables organisations to automatically receive vulnerability data such as baseline information, scores, affected assets, exploit details, and other data to help manage and assess the impact of vulnerabilities. Using pre-built or custom reports, you can quickly assess the status of identified risks and determine which vulnerabilities need to be remediated first. If treatment is required, a treatment record can be created, assigned and tracked until closure. Automated reminders and contextual messages alert stakeholders when critical vulnerabilities are identified or tasks are given, for example, in treatment plans. This application can be used in two ways:

  • Seamlessly receive vulnerability data through integration with
  • Leverage the vulnerability management application with a preferred vulnerability management source or method, such as a custom integration or bulk CSV import

Why You Need It

  • Centrally manage vulnerabilities across the modern attack environment and assess their impact on your organisation.
  • Effectively manage your organisation’s vulnerabilities with easy-to-use forms to identify, analyse and treat exposures.
  • Plan compliance with automated reminders and reports when vulnerabilities are discovered or reopened.
  • Improved strategic security decision-making and effective communication of cyber risk exposure to stakeholders.

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