PECB Information Security Officer CISO

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Why should you attend?

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition within organisations that they need a designated individual who has the necessary skills to address information security responsibilities effectively. Consequently, the role of the CISO has emerged as an executive-level position, obtaining the information security responsibilities previously held by personnel within the IT Department. Now, organisations have a dedicated professional focused on overseeing and managing all aspects of information security, ensuring a more comprehensive and specialised approach to safeguarding information and information assets.

By attending the PECB CISO training course, you will gain the necessary expertise to oversee and manage information security, ensuring the implementation of robust security measures, identifying and mitigating information security risks, and developing effective security strategies tailored to the organisation’s specific needs. In addition, by obtaining the PECB CISO credential, you demonstrate commitment to professional development and the ability to take on executive-level responsibilities. Moreover, you will be able to enhance your career prospects, positioning yourself as a highly qualified candidate for senior leadership roles in information security.

The PECB Chief Information Security Officer training course provides valuable insights and enables you to develop a comprehensive understanding of the role of a CISO and the steps involved in effectively managing information security within an organisation. The training course covers various topics, including security frameworks, risk assessment, regulatory compliance, and governance. By attending this training course, you will gain knowledge of emerging security trends and best practices. Additionally, you will learn about the technologies that are essential to information security, including network security, application security, and cloud security.

Who should attend?

This training course is intended for:

  • Professionals actively involved in information security management
  • IT managers responsible for overseeing information security programs
  • Security professionals who aspire to advance into leadership roles, such as security architects, security analysts, and security auditors
  • Professionals responsible for managing information security risk and compliance within organisations
  • Experienced CISOs seeking to enhance their knowledge, stay up to date with the latest trends, and refine their leadership skills
  • Executives, including CIOs, CEOs, and COOs, who play a crucial role in decision-making processes related to information security
  • Professionals aiming to achieve executive-level roles within the information security field

Course agenda

DAY 1 | Fundamentals of information security and the role of a CISO

DAY 2 | Information security compliance program, risk management, and security architecture and design

DAY 3 | Security controls, incident management, and change management

DAY 4 | Information security awareness, monitoring and measurement, and continual improvement

DAY 5 | Certification exam

Training material

The participant will receive training material containing more than 400 pages of information and practical examples in electronic form via the KATE app.  As part of the full-time course, the participant will also receive printed training materials. 


The “PECB Chief Information Security Officer” exam meets all the requirements of the PECB Examination and Certification Program (ECP). It covers the following competency domains:

  • DOMAIN 1 | Fundamental concepts of information security
  • DOMAIN 2 | Information security program
  • DOMAIN 3 | Compliance program, risk management, and security architecture and design
  • DOMAIN 4 | Operational aspects of information security controls, incident management, and change management
  • DOMAIN 5 | Building an information security culture and improving the information security program

For specific information about the exam type, languages available, and other details, please visit the List of PECB Exams and the PECB Examination Rules and Policies.


The price includes participation in the course, electronic training materials, exam and PECB certification fees. In addition, the price of the full-time course includes a printed copy of the training material, lunch on the training days and refreshments.


After successfully passing the exam, you can apply for one of the credentials shown below. You will receive the certificate once you comply with all the requirements related to the selected credential.

The requirements for PECB Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) certifications are as follows:

Information about the course

Course Duration: 5 days
Exam: Yes
Exam Duration: 3 hrs
Retake Exam: Free

Training dates


PECB Information Security Officer – CISO

CS/EN, Prague
44990 CZK(1800 EUR)

PECB Information Security Officer – CISO

CS/EN, Online
33990 CZK(1360 EUR)
CredentialExamProfessional experienceProject experience
PECB Provisional Chief Information Security OfficerPECB Chief Information Security OfficerNoneNone
PECB Chief Information Security OfficerPECB Chief Information Security OfficerFive years: Two years of work experience in Information Security Project activities: a total of 300 hours

Training dates

TypeLanguageStarts fromPlacePrice
CS/EN?2024-04-15Prague44990 CZK1800 EUR?Inquiry
CS/EN?2024-05-13Online33990 CZK1360 EUR?Inquiry