Asset Management

What is asset management?

Asset management provides organisations with better visibility of their critical IT and IACS assets and ensures that the organisation’s valuable resources are accounted for and also used. When done correctly, asset management can save time and money and improve IT and IACS security and risk management practices.

How It Works

With Asset Management Application, you’ll know where your assets are, how they’re being used and whether any changes have been made. You can track assets related to suppliers or document information such as internal and external supplier contact lists, purchasing information and asset values, all in one platform. With automated reminders, stakeholders will be automatically notified when an expected asset retirement date or documentation expiration date is approaching.

Why You Need It

  • Account for all organisation assets across the entire life cycle, leading to better visibility in the management of GRC programmes.
  • Being prepared to manage the risks you face from using and owning certain assets.
  • Gain a complete overview of asset spending and usage trends through custom or purpose-built reporting.
  • Save time with purpose-built supplier relationship forms, asset information and linked documents.

Are you interested?

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