Business Continuity Plan Management

What is Business Continuity Management?

With the ever-changing business environment, proactively protecting your business from potential disruptions is essential. Business continuity plans are created to manage an organisation’s activities during any disruption and ensure that organisations can successfully withstand disruptions to deliver products and services.

The Business Continuity Plan Management Application for managing business continuity plans helps to create business continuity plans and procedures proactively. This application aims to set organisations up to remain resilient in crisis situations, from data breaches due to cyber-attacks to global events.

How It Works

The Business Continuity Plan Management application for the management of business continuity plans allows you to model significant events that could disrupt your organisation and measure their impact on your organisation’s operations. This proactive approach will enable you to set up the proper procedures to help ensure that critical systems and business functions are protected no matter what.

You can put a workflow in place to regularly test procedures and update your response plan to ensure that your organisation always comes out of any crisis more robust than before.

Why You Need It

  • Protect critical systems and activities from potential disruption.
  • Create plans and procedures, so your organisation knows what to do in times of crisis or disruption.
  • Using customisable, up-front workflows to create continuity plans, model significant disruptions, and establish procedures to protect vital business functions and systems.

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