Enterprise Risk Management

What is Enterprise Risk Management?

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a comprehensive method to help organisations maintain awareness of the risks they face today and guide them toward future success. The Enterprise Risk Management application helps identify and treat emerging strategic, operational, financial and compliance risks.

How It Works

The Organisation Risk Management Application allows you to quickly and accurately identify future risks based on data from your organisation’s workflows, requirements, processes and surveys. In addition, the application draws on information about external interactions to track relationships with third parties.

You’ll have everything you need to have a holistic view of your organisation’s risks, including data from weighted risk score reports, analytics, and impact maps to give you a cross-functional idea of risk within the service. This application helps to detect when signs are emerging that you need to act quickly or take proactive steps to address and mitigate risks in the future. This holistic view enables you to get ahead of risks before any damage affects your hard-won position and growth..

Why You Need It

  • Accurate identification and assessment of the impact of emerging risks on the organisation and beyond.
  • Gain a broader and more complete picture of risks by drawing data from workflows, processes and surveys across the organisation.
  • Access to customisable, pre-built workflows that allow you to build a risk register, assess their impact and take effective mitigating action.
  • Understand the financial implications of your comprehensive risk management programme.

Are you interested?

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