Incident Management

What is Incident Management?

An incident is an event that exposes an employee or the public to a health or safety risk. Incidents can damage your organisation’s reputation and undermine trust internally and externally. Incidents can also lead to extraordinary costs and financial losses.

An incident management application can help you accurately identify the scope of incidents, organise a coordinated response, and implement corrective actions to ensure the same mistakes don’t happen again.

How It Works

The Incident Management Application provides a complete overview of every incident reported within your organisation and how these incidents affect your policies or processes. With this app, you can set the severity of an incident and automatically alert relevant groups within your organisation to ensure remediation.

The incident management app helps you respond to incidents using all available data and information while implementing corrective actions to prevent future incidents. It is designed to lead to a more coordinated and proactive approach to incident management and will save your organisation time, effort and money.

Why You Need It

  • Have a complete overview of all reported incidents and their impact on the organisation’s operations or compliance.
  • Inform affected groups and plan a coordinated response to incidents.
  • Implement corrective actions and training to prevent the recurrence of incidents.
  • Access to customisable, up-front workflows to help you record incidents, plan responses, and implement prevention throughout the organisation.

Are you interested?

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