Regulatory Compliance

What is Regulatory Compliance?

The Compliance Management Application is designed to ensure that you are compliant and stay compliant even when those regulations constantly change over time.

The Compliance Management Application includes a centralised repository of information to help you comply with laws, regulations, and other relevant requirements. This application is designed to help you protect yourself from losing your business licence, lawsuits or financial costs. It will support you in managing compliance with rapidly changing regulations and safeguard your business, employees, customers and assets.

How It Works

The Compliance Management Application helps you maintain compliance with the laws and regulations that affect your organisation’s operations. It can be linked to an external content provider or regulatory content to facilitate compliance assessments. Through the app, you can conduct compliance risk assessments in addition to responsibilities and assign corrective action plans to appropriate owners across your organisation.

Why You Need It

  • Monitor relevant national and international laws and regulations by identifying, tracking and managing compliance in real-time.
  • Monitor compliance incidents to prevent violations, fines or legal action.
  • Access to customisable, up-front workflows to assess risks and deploy control or corrective actions.

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