Third-Party Risk Management SIG Lite

What is Third-Party Risk Management SIG Lite?

Working with third parties brings some benefits but can expose your company to the threat of data leaks or cyber-attacks.

Help protect your organisation with SIG Lite’s Third-Party Risk Management app, which you can use to assess how any third party your company works with manages its security risks in 18 areas.

How It Works

SIG Lite Application can be used to assess third parties for potential weaknesses in security processes and to maintain an organisation’s security posture. It allows you to compile findings, identify impacts and track related resolution plans through to completion.

This application uses the SIG Lite assessment, a shortened version of the Standardised Information Gathering (SIG) questionnaire developed by Shared Assessments to assess third-party risks, cyber security frameworks and industry security measures. The application allows forms to be assigned and completed, and once the assessment is complete, each vendor is given a rating based on the percentage of SIG Lite controls in place. This app can also conduct an enhanced privacy assessment with third parties to understand their privacy posture. The assessment is based on the privacy questions in the SIG Core assessment..

Why You Need It

  • Evaluate third-party risks using the SIG Lite Business Information Worksheet, the list of documentation and artefacts, and all questions from the SIG Lite 2021 Questionnaire.
  • Assess your vendor’s cybersecurity, IT, privacy, data security and resilience.
  • Access to customizable, pre-built workflows for organising and maintaining vendor information and assessments.

Are you interested?

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