PECB Computer Forensics

What is Computer Forensics?

Computer Forensics, also known as Cyber Forensics refers to the analysis of information in the computer systems, with the objective of finding any digital evidence that can be used for civic purposes, or in most cases to prove and legally impeach cybercrime., but also to discover the cause of an incident.

The purpose of computer forensics is to provide forensic practices, legal processes, and ethical principles to assure reliable and detailed digital evidence that can be used for the courtroom needs. The objective of computer forensics is to guarantee a well-structured investigation and a follow-up of processes in order to resolve incidents and malfunctions in an organization. 

Why is Computer Forensics important for you?    

A forensics process is applied after the cyber attack or incident has occurred in order to collect and analyze the data to determine what happened, how did it happen and why did it happen? Computer forensics can be used as a tool to exploit backdoors that should be patched. A computer forensics investigation is a proficient mechanism that allows organizations’ to rationalize their time and immense financial impacts. An internationally recognized computer forensic professional will be able to provide a detailed investigation of computer systems and assist the law enforcement authorities.  

Benefits of Computer Forensics

  • Understand the role of computer forensics in the business world
  • Support an organization to prevent incident occurrence
  • Learn the prime forensic skills that can be applied in different situations
  • Improve your forensic techniques and tools to identify and respond to cybercrimes
  • Become an internationally recognized digital forensic professional 

How do I get started with Computer Forensics Training?

You are about to take one of the most required training courses in the field of IT security. The PECB Computer forensics comprehensive training will provide you with outstanding skills that will help you to enhance your professional career. Our trainers are here to make sure that you achieve the goal of becoming a PECB Certified Professional on Computer Forensics. 

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