PECB EBIOS  – Risk Assessment Method

What is EBIOS?

Expression des Besoins et Identification des Objectifs de Sécurité (EBIOS) was developed by the French Central Information Systems Security Division. This risk assessment tool aims to assess and treat risks with an IS, which would assist the management decision-making and guide stakeholders to find a mutual set of discussions.

Why is the EBIOS method essential for you?

The EBIOS method will provide sufficient knowledge to successfully identify and assess risk in your organisation. The EBIOS is vital in protecting the business and its valuable assets. This method will provide you with crucial guidelines on focusing on the more dangerous risks that can have enormous financial and reputational damage to our business.

Benefits of the EBIOS method

Being certified against the EBIOS risk assessment method helps you:

  • To learn the concepts, methods, and practices allowing effective risk management based on ISO 27005
  • To put into practice the requirements of ISO 27001 on information security risk management
  • To develop the skills needed to perform a risk assessment with the EBIOS techniques
  • To obtain the ability to effectively guide organisations on the best practices in information security risk management
  • To get the ability to effectively implement and manage a continuing information security risk management process

How do I begin with the EBIOS risk assessment method training?

The training’s objective and outcome will be to assist you in assessing risks using the EBIOS method. Through training, our tutors will guide you towards helping your business better the method of risk assessments and protecting valuable assets.

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