PECB ISO 37301 Lead Auditor

The PECB Certified ISO 37301 Lead Auditor training course enables you to develop the necessary competence to perform compliance management system (CMS) audits by applying widely recognised audit principles, procedures, and techniques.

Many organisations seek competent auditors to determine whether their implemented CMS policies and procedures based on ISO 37301 are effective. This training course aims to help you complete these tasks successfully and intends to reflect the importance of effective CMS audits. In addition, this training course aims to strengthen your knowledge and skills to plan and carry out CMS audits based on the guidelines for auditing management systems provided in ISO 19011 and the certification process described in ISO/IEC 17021-1.

The exercises, quizzes, and case studies provided in this training course are designed to help you practice the most important aspects of a CMS audit: ISO 37301 requirements, auditing principles, tools and techniques used to obtain evidence, leading a team of auditors, conducting interviews with auditee, reviewing documented information, drafting nonconformity reports, and preparing the final audit report.

Who should attend

This training course enables you to:

  • Understand the main concepts of a CMS and its processes based on ISO 37301
  • Understand the auditor’s role in planning, leading, and following up on a CMS audit in accordance with ISO 19011
  • Interpret the requirements of ISO 37301 in the context of a CMS audit
  • Plan an audit, lead a team of auditors, draft nonconformity reports, and follow up on an audit
  • Act with due professional care during an audit

A fundamental understanding of ISO 37001 and comprehensive knowledge of audit principles.

Course agenda

DAY 1 | Introduction to the compliance management system (CMS) and ISO 37301

DAY 2 | Audit principles, preparation and launching of an audit

DAY 3 | On-site audit activities

DAY 4 | Closing the audit

DAY 5 | Certification Exam

Training material

The participant will receive training materials containing more than 400 pages of information and practical examples in electronic form via the KATE application. As part of the full-time course, the participant will also receive training materials in printed form.


The “PECB Certified ISO 37301 Lead Auditor” exam fully meets the requirements of the PECB Examination and Certification Programme (ECP). The exam covers the following competency domains:

  • DOMAIN 1 | Fundamental concepts and principles of a compliance management system
  • DOMAIN 2 | Compliance management system requirements
  • DOMAIN 3 | Fundamental audit concepts and principles
  • DOMAIN 4 | Preparation of an ISO 37301 audit
  • DOMAIN 5 | Conducting an ISO 37301 audit
  • DOMAIN 6 | Closing an ISO 37301 audit
  • DOMAIN 7 | Managing an ISO 37301 audit programme

The exam takes the form of a test consisting of 80 multiple-choice questions. It is an open-book exam, where candidates are allowed to use the following reference materials: training course materials, any personal notes taken during the training course, a hard copy dictionary, a hard copy of a standard. The exam lasts 3 hours and can be taken online or in paper form. If you do not pass the exam, you can repeat the exam for free within 12 months.


The price includes participation in the course, electronic training materials, exam and PECB certification fees. The price of the full-time course also includes a printed copy of the training material, lunch on teaching days and small refreshments.


Information about the course

Course Duration: 5 days
Exam: Yes
Exam Duration: 3 hrs
Retake Exam: Free

Training dates


PECB ISO 37301 – Lead Auditor

CS/EN, Online
33990 CZK(1360 EUR)

PECB ISO 37301 – Lead Auditor

CS/EN, Prague
44990 CZK(1800 EUR)
CredentialExamProfessional experienceAudit experience
PECB Certified ISO 37301 Provisional AuditorPECB Certified ISO 37301 Lead AuditorNoneNone
PECB Certified ISO 37301 AuditorPECB Certified ISO 37301 Lead AuditorTwo years: One year of work experience in compliance managementAudit activities: a total of 200 hours
PECB Certified ISO 37301 Lead AuditorPECB Certified ISO 37301 Lead AuditorFive years: Two years of work experience in compliance managementAudit activities: a total of 300 hours
PECB Certified ISO 37301 Senior Lead AuditorPECB Certified ISO 37301 Lead AuditorTen years: Seven years of work experience in compliance managementAudit activities: a total of 1,000 hours

Training dates

TypeLanguageStarts fromPlacePrice
CS/EN?2024-05-13Online33990 CZK1360 EUR?Inquiry
CS/EN?2024-08-19Prague44990 CZK1800 EUR?Inquiry