AI Use Case Management

Risk Cloud’s AI Use Case Management Application enables you to document and assess AI models and use cases in one centralized platform.

How this app works

Establish a scalable AI technology assessment and approval process while ensuring alignment to AI policies and compliance requirements. The purpose-built AI Use Case Management Application enables employees across your enterprise to submit AI use case requests and standardizes the approval process for every stakeholder.

Govern AI model implementation, evaluate data integrity, and identify potential risks with out-of-the-box review and attestation workflows. The AI Use Case Management Application makes it easy to establish a repository of every AI model and its associated risks, controls, policies, and approval status for deeper visibility into enterprise AI model risks.

Monitor the status of ongoing AI model and use case assessments and visualize live AI use cases across the organization from one location. Risk Cloud helps you capture and report on essential information like security, privacy, and performance data, as well as the approval status and potential downstream impacts of every AI implementation across your organization.

Why you need it

Risk Cloud’s AI Use Case Management Application seamlessly integrates with your cyber risk, compliance, third-party risk, and policy management programs to embed AI governance and usage best practices into every business initiative. Holistically manage enterprise AI risks and:

  • Centralize and automate AI use case review and approval processes
  • Document and identify AI models and potential risks
  • Link AI technologies and models to any related risks, controls, third parties and policies in Risk Cloud

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